Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Body Wash

I really loved the smell of Hello Hydration body wash from Herbal Essences. It has a rich coconut smell which is one of my favorite smells. It’s like a touch of summer in a bottle. The body wash lathers well and the smell lasts for a few hours after using it. The only con of this product for me was that to get a good lather I found I had to use more than I normally would have to but since I loved the smell I didn’t mind. After using the product 3 times I found my skin was softer and more hydrated. I will be buying a full size bottle to use all summer long!!

I got a free sample of Herbal Essences body wash from Crowdtap and Herbal Essences. Image



Sample Source-Try Before You Buy

Sample Source-Try Before You Buy

I really like this website. It is one of the most simple and straight forward sample websites I have found. They only send out samples a few times a year. They give you a selection of products to choose from and then send out the samples. After a few months they ask you to complete a survey about your samples. The survey is short and it takes just a few minutes to complete. In my fall 2013 package I got to try 5-7 different products. All of the samples in this last mailing had coupons right on the packages too. They send you an e-mail when new samples become available so you don’t have to keep checking in.

Some Savings Codes

Pampers Points: FBTRI707896P613 and TR502THALLO6713 (expires October 31, 2013?) http://www.pampers.com

Free Walgreen’s Collage 8 x 10 Expires November 2, 2013: BOOCOLLAGE (free if you do in store pickup) http://photo2.walgreens.com/walgreens/storepage/storePageId=SpecialOffer?tab=photo_downsplash_left

York Photo Book pay just $2.99 shipping Expires October 31, 2013 Enter MYBOOK  http://www.yorkphoto.com/Content.aspx?Page=MYBOOK&PK=e0e04a5e-5062-405d-aeb0-aa379be6bd58#.UnJw3sqma8E


Cottonelle Clean Routine

I was lucky enough to get to try the Cottonelle Clean Routine for free thanks to Cottonelle and Crowdtap. The family is really loving the new dispenser which is much prettier than the other wipes that just come in a baby wipe type of dispenser. I like that it sits on the back of the toilet nicely. The wipes are soft yet durable and they are unscented which I really like. I found that little kids are not wasting these wipes because they don’t realize what it is. I had stopped buying wipes because too many kid visitors where wasting them. I also got to share two free samples with family and friends and I believe they also got a coupon for a free dispenser. Image

Gardening Tip

ImageThis year I used a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and water on my rose’s. This mixture offers an excellent source of oxygen for plants. As the picture show’s my rose’s bloomed beautifully this year. To make the mixture fill a spray bottle about 1/3 full of hydrogen peroxide and the remainder with water. Then spray all over the plant including the leaves. You can use this mixture on just about any flower or plant indoors and outdoors. I applied two times a week starting in the spring until the first roses started to bloom.

imPress Press-On Manicure from Broadway Nails


Thanks to Influenter and Broadway Nails I got to try the new imPress Press-On Manicure for free. The kit is packaged in a very cute and convenient plastic nail bottle shape. Nails should be prepared first by using the provided prep pad. The nails are super easy to apply, you simply remove the plastic backing from the nail and apply it. It is a quick, convenient, and mess free way to get a manicure. No glue is needed which means no mess. I love how easy they are to remove too. You simply apply a little nail polish remover around the edge of the nail and with in a minute they come right off. I wore mine for 5 days before I took them off myself but the package says they can last for a week. I got a lot of compliments even from complete strangers!! I was worried about damaging my nails but after removing them I found my nails were not damaged in any way. Love Love Them!!!

Over all I have to say I am now a fan and will continue to buy the imPress Press-On Manicure kit’s in the future. They offer a large selection of designs and the cost is reasonable too. I believe they are about $6 at Walgreen’s and coupons can be found frequently.

Garnier Olia New Oil Based Hair Color With A Great Smell

Garnier Olia hair color does have a great smell. It smells much better than any other hair color I have used in the past. The smell has a slight floral smell to it. The kit came with black gloves which I liked better than the traditional white ones. The application bottle is a little to big for my small hands but for most people it won’t be a problem. The color I chose was a very light blonde which is pretty close to my natural hair color. The color turned out great and my hair felt soft and silky after coloring.

I did not care for the application bottle I had a hard time holding my finger over the top hole to shake and mix the chemicals. I found the actual hair dye a bit on the runny side and had it drip several times on my jeans. This would not be a problem for me again because now I am aware that it is not as thick as the others. In all other ways it was about the same as any other at home hair color.

I would encourage you to try Garnier Olia especially if you don’t like the harsh chemical smell of other hair colors. The price is comparable to other at home coloring kits.

Thanks so much to BzzAgent and Garnier Olia for letting me try this product for free.