Garnier Olia New Oil Based Hair Color With A Great Smell

Garnier Olia hair color does have a great smell. It smells much better than any other hair color I have used in the past. The smell has a slight floral smell to it. The kit came with black gloves which I liked better than the traditional white ones. The application bottle is a little to big for my small hands but for most people it won’t be a problem. The color I chose was a very light blonde which is pretty close to my natural hair color. The color turned out great and my hair felt soft and silky after coloring.

I did not care for the application bottle I had a hard time holding my finger over the top hole to shake and mix the chemicals. I found the actual hair dye a bit on the runny side and had it drip several times on my jeans. This would not be a problem for me again because now I am aware that it is not as thick as the others. In all other ways it was about the same as any other at home hair color.

I would encourage you to try Garnier Olia especially if you don’t like the harsh chemical smell of other hair colors. The price is comparable to other at home coloring kits.

Thanks so much to BzzAgent and Garnier Olia for letting me try this product for free.