Gardening Tip

ImageThis year I used a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and water on my rose’s. This mixture offers an excellent source of oxygen for plants. As the picture show’s my rose’s bloomed beautifully this year. To make the mixture fill a spray bottle about 1/3 full of hydrogen peroxide and the remainder with water. Then spray all over the plant including the leaves. You can use this mixture on just about any flower or plant indoors and outdoors. I applied two times a week starting in the spring until the first roses started to bloom.


imPress Press-On Manicure from Broadway Nails


Thanks to Influenter and Broadway Nails I got to try the new imPress Press-On Manicure for free. The kit is packaged in a very cute and convenient plastic nail bottle shape. Nails should be prepared first by using the provided prep pad. The nails are super easy to apply, you simply remove the plastic backing from the nail and apply it. It is a quick, convenient, and mess free way to get a manicure. No glue is needed which means no mess. I love how easy they are to remove too. You simply apply a little nail polish remover around the edge of the nail and with in a minute they come right off. I wore mine for 5 days before I took them off myself but the package says they can last for a week. I got a lot of compliments even from complete strangers!! I was worried about damaging my nails but after removing them I found my nails were not damaged in any way. Love Love Them!!!

Over all I have to say I am now a fan and will continue to buy the imPress Press-On Manicure kit’s in the future. They offer a large selection of designs and the cost is reasonable too. I believe they are about $6 at Walgreen’s and coupons can be found frequently.